5 Mindset Shifts:
The Guide

From years of coaching high-performing women, this 11-page guide will help you breakup with your “Paradox Strategy” and start to activate your Divine Design.

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Despite everything you’ve accomplished, there is a calling that won’t leave you alone. Despite every personal, business, & spiritual development training you’ve tried - what is this thing that keeps getting in the way?

Let me introduce you to your Paradox Strategy. This is the unconscious blueprint that has gotten you to where you are today - ambitious, driven, “wanting to win” at life/career. Your Paradox Strategy has given you the life you have, and it stands in the way of the life you want. It leaves you undervalued by others, but most tragically, by yourself.

Use these 5 Mindset Shifts as a daily intervention to create less time for overwhelm and more time for your Divine Design.

In this actionable guide I share...


You need the “why” illuminated when it comes to your self-limiting beliefs—your Paradox Strategy. Until you know the "why" and how to choose outside of that story, you’ll just keep creating more of the same...overwhelm, burnout and the constant quest for perfection. 


Anyone who’s feeling stuck can trace their steps back to one of these 5 limiting beliefs. With plenty of examples and research, you’ll be able to identify what story is holding you back, and practical ways to breakup with your Paradox Strategy.


Each belief has a secret key, that once turned, unlocks a world of new possibilities—your Divine Design. I show you the keys to unlocking your own progress-stopping beliefs and how to start a new relationship with your Divine Self.

Hi! I’m Lisa Guillot, the founder of Be Bright Lisa Coaching.

I coach high performing women to help them transform from traditional success, which they have in spades, to be deeply connected to their Divine Design.

This design values intuition, empathy, flow, receiving - qualities that are innately part of your Divine Design as a woman of power.

I’m trained to listen at an extraordinarily deep level, add that to my design thinking + personal brand strategy and together we will bring creativity, heart, soul, and action to every conversation.

Which is what inspired me to create this guide for you.  

In this extensive guide you’ll find ideas and insights from Brene Brown, Jane Fonda and Tony Robbins—as well as insights from my own library of mindset tools used with private clients.  

If you’ve ever dealt with overwhelm and time management, or you have craved external approval or perfectionism—or maybe you are just stuck—this is for you. 

It's time to choose you. It's time to recreate what success looks and feels like for you. I'm honored to be your guide.

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