The Brand Commitment Course Available Now

The Brand Commitment Course

A 4-week online video course, lead by Lisa Guillot, a brand strategist and leadership coach. 

The Course is designed for startups, creative entrepreneurs, and business owners who are committed to leaving their mark.


Why This Course Exists...

I’ve been where you are and I know the overwhelm that comes with owning a business and wanting it to be perfect but not wanting to spend the money on design or branding.

That’s why I created my Brand Commitment Course and want to invite you to join me because Committed people change the world. 

The Brand Commitment Course is the game-changing branding course. Learn the tools, strategies, and secrets to build a brand with purpose in 4 weeks with nearly 20 videos and downloadable Action Sheets. 

You have a dream to move out of fear, grow your business, build a raving fan base, make a difference in the world, and earn the income you deserve.

I have the support, tools, and accountability to make that happen faster and easier than you ever imagined. It's not rocket science, it's strategy that you will excel at.

Who Will Get the Most Out of This Course?  

If running your business feels like a constant struggle but deep down you know you're meant to lead a thriving business and touch the lives of thousands - The Brand Commitment Course is for you.  

If you think time restraints are your problem, or a lack of confidence or focus is your issue, maybe you think that marketing is your problem... Know that those are only symptoms of the real problem. The real problem is a lack of a high-functioning brand.  

Built For You.

The Brand Commitment Course Was Built For...

  • Solopreneurs who are wearing 21 hats at any given moment and are craving a roadmap to more whitespace in their days  
  • Creative Entrepreneurs who get the creative elements of branding but need more structure, focus and leadership skills 
  • Coaches who want share their insight but are overwhelmed with how to standout  
  • Passionpreneurs or anyone with a side project they’re ready to step it up a notch  
  • Business Newbies who have hustled their faces off and want to grow their business with ease from here on out  
  • Marketing Pro’s who want to up their branding game  
  • Interior Designers who want to be more strategic in their marketing and leadership 
  • Industry Disruptors who want to make an impact with a new product, service or relaunch of brand  

Sound Familiar? Get in on this now. 

Jump to 10:45 seconds when Lisa live coaches Jessica about how to bring her brand commitment to life starting from ground zero.  


"This course helped clarify a lot for me."

Jessica Dennis invested in the Brand Commitment Course because, “I spent all of last year stuck…and really had a hard time communicating what I do and who I was. This course helped clarify that a lot for me, and forced me out of my comfort zone.”  

The Brand Commitment Course Covers

Getting Brand Clarity

Approach your brand from a holistic perspective so your entire visual, verbal and emotional brand identity is in alignment with who you are being.

Finding Your Brand Voice

Speak to your audience with authenticity and deep connection.

Show up exactly as you are, and build an evangelical following.  

Developing Your Brand Strategy

Go from analysis paralysis to creating massive possibilities and action in your business? Yes please!  

You’ll know how to move past fear each and every time it shows up. 

Going Deeper then a Color Scheme, Logos & Fonts

The Brand Commitment Course is a 4-week online video course with downloadable Action Sheets. I share my strategies, tools and secrets that will set you up to create your brand to stand out and succeed. I will inspire you with the confidence it takes to be a successful brand and business leader.  

I know how easy it is to get swept up in life. I also know how easy life gets when you understand these tools. I refuse to let life get in the way of your success.  

So if you’re sitting on the fence right now, it's time to take that leap into the unknown because that's where possibilities and success lies!  


Starting with Heart

We start from the inside out.  

This is the number one reason The Brand Commitment Course is different.  

So many branding courses start with tactics: how to design your website, how to design a Facebook ad, how to make money, etc., this is a sure-fire way to look and sound like everyone else.  

While there’s a place for that, the problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take into consideration the heart of your brand. You end up with a shallow, lifeless brand that doesn’t connect with your audience, and costs a lot of unnecessary money.  

We start from the inside and work our way out.  

We start with your deepest commitments to yourself, your business and the impact you want to make in the world. Your brand commitment and brand essence is the #1 thing you need to touch your target market deeply and spread your message with ease.  

Module One includes 5 bite sized video lessons you’ll get instant access to and bonus action sheets to make sure you nail it!  


Finding Your Niche Audience, Your Brand Voice, And Getting The Visuals Right On The Money

You can work miracles on a modest budget, if you know how to work it. In this module we drill deep to get crystal clear on who your TRUE audience is and how to talk to them to make them drool over your every word. This is the week you get to unleash your badass self and let those creative juices flow as we get clear on the elements of a great visual brand. Pssst…. This is also the module I reveal my little known branding secrets, that up until now I've only shared with my VIP clients. To help you tie everything together in a gorgeous package that you can take to a designer to implement! AND I’ll share the resources to get it done quickly and beautifully. Module Two follows the same teaching format with 4 bite sized video lessons and bonus Action Sheets to help you map everything out.  


Your Brand Strategy Roadmap  

Strategy is manifestation in action and the easiest way for you to succeed in your marketing is to have a game plan designed to get you from A all the way to Z. In this module we demystify what strategy is and map out exactly where your audience can be found giving you all the tools you'll need to go out and woo them! We'll determine your end point and use a revenue based strategy to plot out the shortest path to your dreams. PLUS you get bonus training in this module on leveraging social media like a boss. Module Three comes with 4 easily digestible video lessons, Action Sheets to help keep you accountable to your dreams and A BONUS video lesson where I lay out my editorial calendar as a swipe file so that you can adjust it to suit your own needs.  


Breaking Up With Fear and Becoming the Leader

Where are you hiding your power? It’s a big scary question for some and exactly where we start this module.  

You can’t break up with fear if you don’t acknowledge it and you sure as t’boot aren’t going to become the leader you need, to usher in your grand vision, if you're cowering in the corner self-sabotaging your power and leadership as a business owner.  

This week I breakdown the framework I use CONSTANTLY to manage complex change and take strides well beyond my comfort zone, with ease.  

We also cover the big “What’s Next?" question this week. 

You have all the pieces of the Brand Commitment Puzzle, now what? 

Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered.  

“The language I got from the Brand Commitment Course helps me step into this bigger vision of what I believe. When I’m ready to launch I will have this amazing foundation so won’t have the pressure, ‘Ok, now I’ve launched, what do I do??’ Because it’s all there.”


"I can be my authentic self in my business."

Irene McKenna shares how the Brand Commitment heart-centered model helped her turn what she’s passionate about into language that brings clients in. At the 5 minute mark watch her breakthrough!

Let's make this a no-brainer.  

If you're on the fence about The Brand Commitment Course, let's get you off it and on the side of branding mastery! With the Brand Commitment Course you get...

  • Module One: Starting With Heart VALUED AT $1500  
  • Module Two: Finding Your Niche Audience, Your Brand Voice, And Getting The Visuals Right On The Money VALUED AT $1500  
  • Module Three: Your Brand Strategy Roadmap VALUED AT $1500  
  • Module Four: Breaking Up With Fear And Becoming The Leader VALUED AT $1500  

That’s over $6000 in value right there.  

Here’s what my clients have to say

"I would highly recommend Lisa's services to anyone looking for personal or professional support!"

“What I have gained most from Lisa are the tools to create a present and future for myself that is reflective of my personal values. What I have gained from my essence is accountability, direction and authenticity."

Maura Winkler, Fika Midwifery

"I was gently encouraged to be brave, go deep and identify what my soul was calling me forth to explore."

“Lisa revealed it was time to give myself, and my career, permission to evolve." 

Eloise Karlatiras, Next Bites

"The reason I chose to work with Lisa is that she understands the life and needs of a creative person."

"She understands the need as an artist to be open, curious and present and has helped me understand there is also room for me to be goal-oriented and on task.” 

Karen Connell, Visual Artist 

My Commitment to You 

If you show me you tried and decided that for what ever reason, branding your business isn't for you at this time...

I'll provide a refund up to 7 days after the date of purchase AND you get to keep all of week one's material. Your request can be emailed and your refund will take place withn 30 days.  


Is this course for me if I’m just starting my business? 

Yes, and I assume a few things: First that you're ambitious and second that you're ready to take massive action to get results. 

The Brand Commitment Course is for businesses and individuals that are ready up-level their brand, marketing, and strategy. If that seems a bit daunting... It is! It’s also exciting and thrilling because you're in action towards your highest and best results.  

What if I sign up and find this isn’t for me, can I get a refund? 

If you show me you tried and decided that for what ever reason, branding your business isn't for you at this time, you can request a refund up to 7 days after the date of purchase AND you'll get to keep all of week one's material.

What’s Lisa’s background? 

Lisa started her brand strategy studio, Step Brightly, in 2009 and her life and leadership coaching practice, Be Bright Lisa, in 2015. She is on the practitioner's council of the American Marketing Association and has served on the board of directors for AIGA Chicago, the worlds largest design association. Lisa is a co-founder of Chicago's lead creative entreprenurial community, Forth Chicago. Lisa brings hearts and smarts to every conversation.  

If I love the course, can I work one-on-one with Lisa? 

Absolutely! Lisa coaches clients one-on-one. She takes a limited number of clients throughout the year and you can contact her for availability here.