Divine Design Mastermind

The Divine Design Mastermind is an inclusive group of highly ambitious women who crave greater possibilities and personal power—the kind of power that’s aligned with their Highest, Holistic Self.

It’s time to reclaim your intuition and figure out how to live with ease and joy, and not all by yourself.  But with massive support from your real peers.

The Divine Design Mastermind is a 5-month commitment to your Whole and Highest Self. Don’t know who she is yet?

We’ll discover her through my exclusive Whole-Self Holistic Strategy.
You'll gain insight to:


✔️ Meet your intuition

✔️ Claim your inspiration

✔️ Let go of your Paradox Strategy

✔️ Create a Whole-Self Holistic Strategy 

✔️ Craft your Future Vision 

✔️ Implement your Inner Revolution

✔️ Liberate your Calendar

✔️ Build Possibility + Profit


✔️ Build a Personal Practice of Courage, Passion, Calm and Ease

✔️ Be massively supported by your Real Peers

✔️ Prioritize self-worth + net-worth

FREE BONUS RESOURCES: When you enroll you’ll ALSO receive you my
My Top Podcast Recommendations from leading-edge mindset and leadership experts
- My Top 5 Mindset Shifts to Divine Design to kick-start your experience

MASSIVE VALUE! Live Coaching + Mindset Expertise + Exclusive Community Access with your Real Peers + Leading Edge Experts = Over $7000 value  

Divine Design Mastermind 2020 Pricing

Join the Divine Design Mastermind 5-Month Program

I’m incredibility protective of the spirit and vibe of the community and will be allowing only 10 members in the inaugural round of the Divine Design Mastermind. Please fill out the application to book 1-1 time with Lisa prior to joining.

LIVE SESSIONS are at 12pm CST on Fridays starting 7/17.

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Designed for you.

Divine Design Mastermind is for...

  • Creative Leaders and Coaches who want to intentionally make their mark in the New Normal
  • Entrepreneurs who are craving more energy in their day and purpose in their days 
  • Executives who want to bring their Whole Self to the table with power and ease

Sound Familiar? Join us. 

"I feel more empowered to be out in the world being bold and claiming my own power. Knowing that others are fostering this mindset reminds me that we are ALL creative beings with the potential to intentionally create our life experiences and that I can (and should!) expect to meet others on that level.
Divine Designer

"My project has some very clear next steps. I have identified a theme has resonants strongly with me. While I am still discovering, exactly how that theme will play out, I trust that I'll be able to figure it out in my own way."
Divine Designer

"The exercise of envisioning a role model was transformative. It has challenged me in a great, big way. I realized that just blocking time to write my book was no longer enough. Lisa challenged me to make tangible commitments with clear deadlines."
Divine Designer

"I realized that my mission is to serve others and that what is important is to be myself--not the other way around."
Divine Designer

The Divine Design Mastermind Monthly Breakdown:

WEEK 1: A workshop style strategic training with Lisa about our monthly theme ranging from intuition, future visioning, creating a whole-self holistic strategy, and liberating your calendar and more. These trainings are typically 1-2 hours and will be recorded.

WEEK 2: Hot seat coaching with Lisa, your opportunity to hop into the hot seat for 1-1 coaching that inspires you and so many others

WEEK 3: Expert Speakers, each month Lisa hand-picks an expert from her community of creative entrepreneurs to deeply share about topics relevant to you like money mindset, brand building, LinkedIn and personal styling.

WEEK 4: Integration Week! The Divine Design Community is always open. Get extra extra with your insights, personal projects and community support in our private club.

Who's already in? You’ll be surrounded by successful women with soul.

Just as she turned 50, she was fired from a job she hated, and was hired by Google 3 weeks later. She just started her first fiction book.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, she’s constantly promoted in her SaaS role, but desires to create a life that embodies more soul, and a triple bottom line entrepreneurial business.

She’s a Design Director for one of the biggest banks in America. She recently revolutionized her relationship to her creativity through poetry, song and dance.

A few months before turning 30 she was left managing 60+ people after her manager died from Covid-19. She’s growing her authentic feminine leadership, creating boundaries, and her dream lifestyle.

Mastermind Speakers

We'll learn as a community

We’ll learn from leading edge experts such as:

  • Money Mindset Millionaires
  • Expert Brand Builders
  • Personal Brand Storytellers
  • LinkedIn Social Selling Experts
  • Light and Energy Workers

Join the Divine Design Mastermind 5-Month Inaugural Program

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My commitment to you 

I’m an ambitious over-achiever, my perfectionist tendencies got me only so far, and hurt me in the process. Being the “perfect designer, mom, business owner... you name it” lead me to panic attacks and a stress induced chronic disease. I don’t want this to happen to you. 

I have done the deep coaching work to recreate my life to “have it all” which involves a huge emphasis on a Whole-Self Holistic Strategy of leadership through authenticity, love and self-care.

Selfishly my intention is to teach leadership in all aspects of your life through authentic self-awareness, compassion and grace. If you are overwhelmed and exhausted with how your life is happening to you…please know, you are your biggest asset, and I believe in you.