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#LiveBrightly Training: Get Unstuck and Gain Laser Focus

What's this training all about? My life purpose is to share deeply with intention so you can Live Brightly. I'm going to share my coaching and branding tools, tips and tricks so you can stay focused, and move forward in every area of your life. Because hey, we only get one. 

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I’m an ambitious over-achiever. My perfectionist tendencies got me to where I am today, and hurt me in the process. 

It lead me to panic attacks and a stress induced chronic disease, I don’t want this to happen to you. 

I have done the deep coaching work to recreate my life to “have it all” which involves a huge emphasis on leadership through authenticity, vulnerability and self-care.  

Selfishly my intention is to teach leadership in all aspects of your life through authentic self-awareness, compassion and grace. If you are overwhelmed and exhausted with how your life is happening to you…not for you…this will be our first focus. 

You are your biggest asset.

Who are you?

You are committed to creating the impossible. You are driven to create your life’s work which will fulfill you and impact others, but you are craving inspiration and focus..  

You are committed to creating positivity and willing to grow. You are open to creative coaching, and want to take the next step.  

You are action oriented. Sure, there may be some anxiety or fear, but you are determined to build the life and business or career you want, you just need the insight and expertise of someone who has been there, done that.

How does a #LiveBrightly training work?

What to expect.

This idea was born from my experience with coach training program, but with the added flavor of branding. I'll share and advise from every aspect of my corporate life, to my serial entrepreneurship, community creating, brand building and personal life. Work / Life balance issues anyone? Been there.

Do you know what your goals are? Do you have goals?

I share and coach from a place of partnership, creativity and design thinking to get results. I trained with the one of the most exclusive and intense accredited life and leadership coaching programs in the U.S. Have an impossible goal? Let's do it.

Do you want to share your life's purpose with the world?

I advise businesses from a place of brand and marketing expertise. Before I started my first business I spent 10 years in the corporate world designing for companies like Paper Source, Crate and Barrel and top tier architecture firms. Want to grow your brand and personal brand? Let's do it.

Lisa as an entrepreneur

After starting my boutique brand consultancy in 2009 I joined the board of AIGA Chicago and in 2013 started a second business to coach leaders of those business and emerging entrepreneurs. I co-founded Forth Chicago, a women’s entrepreneurial community and I am on the Practitioners Council for the American Marketing Association. Want to make the leap to entrepreneurship? Want to contribute in a bigger way? Let's do it.

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