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Plan Tomorrow Today

You’re an ambitious multi-passionate person. You’re fueled by a desire to do more, create more and be more.  

But something’s missing. Maybe it’s accountability, focus or clarity. Your goals are just out of your grasp. Then overwhelm sets in. You’re frustrated, exhausted and you stop. 

You need motivation, and an action plan. If you are thinking, “Hell yes, I do!” then Plan Tomorrow Today is for you.  

Plan Tomorrow Today is for people who crave clarity, purpose and direction to build a roadmap for their next 90-days.

"This sounds great, tell me the logistics!"

WHAT? A 1-hour masterclass

WHEN? Thursday December 13, 12-1pm CTS

WHERE? I'll provide a zoom link once you save your seat

"How does this work?"

Plan: What do you really want?

What are your top 3 unthinkable BIG goals? Maybe you've started, but are stuck, maybe you have only dreamed of these goals but are afraid to make them real. You may not even know how to do it, ad that's perfectly ok. We are going to define what's most important, right now. Then we get into action.

Tomorrow: Craft your next

I’ll share strategic best practices for building projects that actually happen. We will deep dive into what currently holds you back from reaching your goals and learn how lead your day from your purpose and let fear take a back seat with my energy focused model for clarity. 

Today: Lead with intention

Selfishly my intention is to teach leadership in all aspects of your life through authentic self-awareness, compassion and self-care. If you are overwhelmed and exhausted with how your life is happening to you…not for you…self-care and energy management will be a big focus durning this workshop. Goal setting is a holistic approach because you are your biggest asset.

Your take away

Your results are 100% in your hands. I'm here to lead and share my experience and expertise of what has worked for me and numerious clients who have used these same techinques and exceed their expectations. 

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Lisa Guillot. My coaching business, Be Bright Lisa is where people who crave clarity, purpose and direction find inspiration, advice and resources for their life, personal brand, business and careers. My intention is to help you live a life with purpose and action.  

Important: I’m an ambitious over-achiever, my perfectionist tendencies got me to where I am today, and hurt me in the process. Being the “perfect designer, mom, wife, business owner... you name it” lead me to panic attacks and a stress induced chronic disease, I don’t want this to happen to you. 

I have done the deep coaching work to recreate my life to “have it all” which involves a huge emphasis on leadership through authenticity, planning my life using coaching tools and techinques, as well as vulnerability and massive self-care. rw

What you can expect from me

I will show-up at 200% and expect the same of you. The bigger the dream, the bigger the breakthrough and reward. Ask any of my clients, I ask the tough questions, I dig deep, it may get uncomfortable, but that’s the fun in it, right! They're called growing pains for a reason. Make the next 90-days your best ever!

"I'm in! What do I need to know?"

  • WHAT? A 1-hour workshop
  • WHEN? Thursday Dec 13, 12-1pm CTS
  • WHERE? I'll provide a zoom link once you save your seat

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