Create Your Brightest Year in 3 weeks.

Join me for a free workshop series to create a personal project from Idea Creation to Habit-Changing all the way through Launch. Week 2: Habits begins Thursday Nov. 19 at 12pm CST.

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Imagine that you have a life-changing insight and in one year from now you call me and say, "Lisa, that insight made all the difference and here's why..." 

What new thing did you create?
What did you learn?
What did you launch?
What impact did you make?
Who are you now? 

I’m literally getting butterflies just thinking about your possibilities!
Book your calendar for Week 2 on Thursday's at 12pm CST 11/19.

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Week 1: Create

November 12 at 12pm CST (REPLAY AVAILABLE UNTIL 11/19)

What do you want to create in 2021? Think about your life, career, well-being, that book or social media platform that you want to create but haven’t taken the leap yet. In this hour together you'll go big and you aren’t going home. You’ll elevate using Design Thinking and journalling prompts to deep dive into big possibilities and ideas for your Bright Year.

Week 2: Habits

November 19 at 12pm CST

What needs to change in order to make room for your big badass dream? What do you need to learn? What old habits need to be kicked to the curb to make 2021 a stellar year of abundance? You’ll use Mindset Thinking, journalling prompts to reveal what has held you back and how to release those limiting beliefs to make room for fabulous new habits.

Week 3: Launch

December 3 at 12pm CST (skipped a week for Thanksgiving + a bit of journalling on your own)

Now that you’ve carved your creative path and got rid of what no longer serves you, you're ready to create a launch plan. In this workshop you'll put the peddle to the metal and set real deadlines to make your creative ideas come alive. I’ll share actionable tools and strategies to kick off your Bright Year.

Join me for 3-live workshops to dive deep in to how to make your life-changing dreams a bright bold reality.

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Lisa Guillot, PCC, empowers high performing humans to transform the “Paradox Strategy” that is keeping them overworked, underwhelmed, and frankly bored. Her clients are super clear on what their purpose is and how to create more life fulfillment, thriving careers and businesses with ease and joy.

Lisa is a certified transformational leadership coach, personal brand strategist and founder of Be Bright Lisa. Her client roster consists of ambitious creative entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, CEO's and their teams, in industries that range from marketing, Fintech, and SaaS to luxury lifestyle branding and purpose-driven businesses.

Lisa’s passion is creating ah-ha moments. She is a columnist and coach for the American Marketing Association. She has also served on the board of directors for AIGA Chicago.